Windsocks or Wind direction indicators, were first used in the 1st world war to indicate the direction of the wind as planes needed to land into the wind, these days they are used not only for the Aviation Industry but in the Chemical and Gas Industry, Mining and Exploration, and all manner of sporting activities, from hang gliding to lawn bowls...


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These are perfect for sports enthusiasts, Paragliders, Fishermen, Surfers, Hang gliders, Model Aircraft fliers, You name it.... Made from ripstop nylon with UV stabilised coating.

Comes in three colour options & 2 sizes        O/W , Y/W & R/W

90cm $35.00 including Gst +freight           130cm $45.00 including Gst+freight     

Safety socks

The Safety Sock is intended for Light Industrial operations where it is vital to  monitor fumes from mining & oil rigs, spraying operations, gas leak site control & OHS evacuations. Made from Ripstop Nylon with UV stabilised coating

In Orange and White

90cm $35.00 including Gst+freight.      130cm $45.00 including Gst+freight

Flight Socks

The Flightsock is 1.22m x 355mm Dia. wind indicator suitable for light aviation purposes and a great portible option for planes and helicopters. made from Heavy duty fabric and double stitched. Used with our Stainless Steel Pivot its a economical alternative to the Industrial sock system.

In orange and White

$120.00 including Gst plus freight.

Stainless Steel Pivot

For use with the Sport socks, Safety socks and Flight socks, for a permanent mounting to steel or timber posts. 40cm long with a nylon bush and pre drilled mounting bracket

$38.00 including Gst + freight.

Aviation Socks

Aviation Socks come in two sizes 12ft and 8ft and in two colours White (primary) and Yellow (secondary)      Installation can also be arranged.

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Note. CASA does not approve windsocks, they are made to the recommended standards

Aviation Sock Frames

Sock frames are made of all 316 Stainless steel for long service life. 2 sizes available 24 inch for 8ft sock and 36 inch for 12ft socks. Bolt on or a weld on adaptor available.

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4 Ft Industrial Socks

Our 4 foot heavy duty Socks are Australian made and are intended for Industrial operations where it is vital to monitor wind direction, eg; mining, oil rigs, spraying operations, gas site, water treatment plants, chemical facilities, fire fighting and emergency training facilities, chemical storage facilities & OHS evacuations. 

Made from 400 Denier Fabric. 

In Orange, Red, Yellow, Pink and White.

$120.00 including Gst + freight      

4ft and 6ft Sock Frames

Our 4 foot and 6 foot Sock frames are Australian Made of 316 Stainless steel for long service life. Easily attached to existing structures or poles.  Contact us for a quote on custom mountings.

They suit all 4 foot and 6 foot socks.


Custom Printed Socks

Our Custom Printed Socks are Australian Made of printable polyester. Contact us for a free quote on your corporate branding requirements.

Easily attached to existing 4 foot frames with supplied ties. 


Sport Sock Kit
Finally a dedicated Windsock kit for the sports enthusiast. Whether you Surf or hang from a Glider or even if you have an ultra light plane, A handy tool for Ballooning ground crew, for lift offs and landings. This kit is Cost effective, light weight and portable and erects in no time. It comes with all you need in a handy carry bag.
130cm sports sock, Stainless steel pivot, 4m  4 section aluminium pole set and a Tow ball mount or a bolt on mount.
The easiest portable set available.
$250.00 including Gst
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Drone Sock Kit
Our Drone Windsock kit has been specifically designed for all drone users, private Pastoral or commercial. It is light weight and portable. 
Can be erected in a few minutes.
It comes complete in a handy carry bag.
90cm safety sock, Stainless steel pivot, 3m  3 section aluminium pole and a steel X base. The easiest portable set available.
$190.00 including Gst
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